Condition Specific Orthotic

Our condition specific orthotics directly target your pathology. See what our Neuroma, Peroneal Tendonitis, and Forefoot Pain Orthotics can do for you.

Our Services

SLO Motion Shoes is your one stop shop for foot health. Our trained staff will guide you in your purchasing decisions based on your specific foot health needs. Stop by for a complimentary Gait Analysis and Fit Assessment today!

    • Footwear

      We carry the only the best styles from brands you love such as New Balance, Asics, Keen, and Taos

    • Gait Analysis

      Have a complimentary Gait Analysis performed by our trained staff and let us determine the best shoe and orthotic combination for …

    • Orthotics

      We offer orthotics for to treat a wide range of conditions. Stop by and get the perfect one for your needs!

    • Fit Assessment

      Our complimentary Fit Assessment will help us determine your proper shoe size, width, and shoe last

Online Gait Analysis

Submit a video of your gait to be analyzed to by one of our fit experts. We will help you select the correct shoe and orthotic combination.