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“The purpose of an orthotic, especially our condition-specific orthotics made in-store, is to support the arch of your foot, off-load pressures on certain regions of the foot, begin to correct over-pronation, and generally distribute pressure evenly in the foot to reduce high pressure points. Together, a shoe and orthotic combination can work wonders in treating your painful foot ailments.”

— Chris M. Byrne, DPM, FACFAS
San Luis Podiatry Group


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Roberta J.

Attentive, friendly, individualized service with specialized focus on selecting appropriate styles and fit for podiatric concerns. I am vegan, and was able to find two pairs of shoes without animal skins, that were cute and had arch support for my flat feet. Also bought house-designed inserts that were measured to fit my arch. Definitely recommend for anyone with flat feet or other feet issues.

Paula H.

Love my custom orthotics from SLO Motion Shoes! I have been using them for years. Walking is so much more comfortable with them. Thanks so much to the friendly staff at SLO Motion Shoes for the great service!

1dharmatic S.

Have purchased two pairs of shoes at SLO Motion Shoes. Am satisfied with both service and results of the athletic style shoes and the orthotics that were ordered by Dr. Byrne. Hard to believe that something as simple as an orthotic could bring nearly instant relief to my aching feet.