YOFAFO is an independent, Ugandan non-governmental organization based in the village of Kitoola with the goal of empowering women and children through education, health, and micro-finance programs. YOFAFO has been active in three villages in the Lugazi area since 2005, working in partnership with each community. This organization has built a strong foundation of trust, community involvement, listening, and accountability.

The YOFAFO vision is to have an empowered, healthier and prosperous future generation of Uganda. Mission The mission is to improve the lives of children, youth and women through education, health and micro-finance programs so their basic human rights are fulfilled and so they can lead happy and healthy lives. YOFAFO’s focus is on the communities in and surrounding the Ugandan town of Lugazi, including the villages of Kitoola, Najja and Bulimagi.

2015 Volunteer Trip 

In June 2015 , 23 high school students from Righetti and St. Joseph in Santa Maria will be heading Uganda for two weeks of volunteer work with YOFAFO.  Students will volunteer in the class room, help build the foundation of the new High School buildings, and attend classes with their Ugandan peers to learn more about their culture. Donations are welcomed and will help fund travel expenses and the upcoming YOFAFO projects in Uganda.

SLO Motion Shoes supports the YOFAFO’s amazing cause by donating $1 of every shoe sale towards the sponsorship of a child in need. The Byrne family has been closely involved with YOFAFO since 2006.  Valence Lutaisire’s story of self empowerment and his genuine interest in giving back to his community has evolved into a life long friendship that continues to contribute to YOFAFO’s ongoing success.  Valence has made three trips to the United States and has continued to build public awareness, educational sponsorship for children and community involvement through Rotary.

SLO Motion Shoes Sponsored Child

Kirizeston Ssesanga