Fit Assessment


F-Scan In-shoe Pressure Mapping

F-Scan System by Tekscan is a foot pressure analysis that uses paper thin sensors that are placed in the shoe to measure in shoe foot pressure during walking. The F-Scan is used as an objective tool to determine the effectiveness of orthotic and shoe pressure management in the diabetic high-risk foot. F-Scan is also used as a tool to help assist in left to right walking symmetry for patients who have suspected leg length differences and is used to determine the effectiveness of lower leg bracing for foot drop, as well as adult acquired flatfoot problems that require bracing.

F-Mat Barefoot Pressure Mapping

The F-Mat by Tekscan is a low-profile floor mat that captures foot pressures during barefoot walking. The F-Mat is used as a quick screening tool to more accurately assess high-pressure regions in the foot. It is used as a quick screen for diabetic patients in the shoe store to identify high pressure areas of the foot that might be at greater risk for developing a foot ulceration