Gait Analysis

Video gait analysis can be an instrumental tool in identifying any walking abnormalities that may contribute to your lower extremity difficulty. SLO Motion Shoes uses advanced video equipment to capture multiple viewing angles simultaneously and allows for slow motion playback, giving our staff the tools needed to identify any walking abnormalities.

Quick View

Customers who require a more in-depth analysis can be scheduled for a two dimensional video study in conjunction with San Luis Podiatry Group. This 45 minute vide study will be perfomed while walking on All customers at SLO Motion Shoes will receive a Quick Screen video analysis of your walking as determined by your specific lower extremity challenge. The Quick Screen study will compare side by side your lower extremity motion while barefoot and in shoes. This study will help our foot wear specialist help you choose the specific shoe and orthotic to help with your challenge.

Video Gait Analysis

MyoVideo RX

Customers who require a more in-depth video analysis can be scheduled for a two dimensional video study in conjunction with San Luis Podiatry Group. This 45 minute video study will be performed while walking on a treadmill at an established speed. This study will look at key walking parameters. A prescription for this study from a treating physician can secure insurance reimbursement for this gait analysis study through San Luis Podiatry Group. A prescription is however not required if you don’t have insurance. Some of the clinical reasons for doing the study are listed below:

• Evaluation for leg length inequality
• Foot drop and brace evaluation
• Observing and objectifying gait abnormalities
• Determining efficiency of orthotic devices
• Determine effectiveness of shoe selection for biomechanical management
• Surgical planning: pre- and post-surgical evaluations
• Introducing/improving pressure and gait analysis for athletic, diabetic and senior populations

Can I have a copy for my records?

Every customer will be provided a video file of their study to have for your personal records or to be forwarded to your healthcare provider. Although SLO Motion Shoes does not provide medical care we like to think of ourselves as part of the “team”. Our HIPPA Compliant Cloud allows us to directly email your file to any of your healthcare providers. Having other providers view your gait analysis can aid in your recovery.

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