YOFAFO Children Sponsorship

YOFAFO is an independent, Ugandan non-governmental organization based in the village of Kitoola with the goal of empowering women and children through education, health, and micro-finance programs. YOFAFO has been active in three villages in the Lugazi area since 2005, working in partnership with each community. This organization has built a strong foundation of trust, community involvement, listening, and accountability.


YOFAFO Sponsored Children

Yofafo is the evolving dream of Valence and Doreen Lutaisire. Valence is an orphan from the village of Kitoola, outside of Lugazi. Valence lost both his parents when he was young – but not before his mother instilled in him the value of education. He was sponsored through junior and senior school education and went on to become the only person from his village to receive a university degree. Valence was determined to change this fact, and returned to the Buikwe district to help the village communities he came from. His goal is to allow the people from these communities to dream, and to reach their full potential.
Valence established programs in 3 villages in the Lugazi area: Kitoola, Najja and Bulumagi. The immediate needs were for education and health. The first projects were thus for schools in Kitoola and Najja, and a mobile medical clinic, seeing a doctor regularly visit the villages. Valence then recognized that empowering the women of the villages through microfinance would create a multiplying system which would benefit the entire village. The initial microfinance loans were repaid on time and saw the establishment of several successful small businesses.

YOFAFO Sponsored children playing soccer. One of their favorite pastimes.

YOFAFO Sponsored children playing soccer. One of their favorite pastimes.

The YOFAFO vision is to have an empowered, healthier and prosperous future generation of Uganda.
The mission is to improve the lives of children, youth and women through education, health and micro-finance programs so their basic human rights are fulfilled and so they can lead happy and healthy lives.
YOFAFO’s focus is on the communities in and surrounding the Ugandan town of Lugazi, including the villages of Kitoola, Najja and Bulimagi.
Key goals

  1. Siignificantly improve the numeracy and literacy levels of children, particularly those who have been disadvantaged through poverty and the loss of one or more parents to disease such as HIV/AIDS.
  2. Help youth find meaningful employment.
  3. Improve the independence and contribution of women to the development of their communities.
  4. Improve the health status and life expectancy of all people living in these communities.
  5.  Involve community members in all aspects of our programs, including at leadership level.

SLO Motion Shoes is proud to help the effort of YOFAFO by donating $1 of every shoe sale towards the sponsorship of a child in need.