Treating Heel Pain

Whether you’re a runner or a walker training for the City to Sea the dreaded heel pain or plantar fascitis can be a deal breaker.

Plantar fascitis, the most common cause of heel pain is generally caused by excessive foot pronation during walking and running. Pain is usually localized right on the bottom of the heel and is generally worse when you just get up from a sitting period.

Controlling abnormal foot pronation with an orthotic and supportive running shoe is the critical first step. You have to use the orthotic in all shoes at all times and yes that means even when your getting out of bed in the morning. After some of the stress has been relieved on the plantar fascia with the shoe and orthotic then the antinflammatories including ice and ibuprofen can really help the tissue inflammation. Calf stretching, massaging the inflamed tissues and even night splints are important to think about.

And of yes, critical in the recovery is REST. Temporarily get off of the roads and get on the bike and in the pool to give those tissues time to recover. Hey, even if you’re not fully better taping the foot before and run and using the shoe and the orthotic can help you continue your recovery as you ease back into your training program.

The Fit Specialist from SLO Motion shoes is here to assess your pronation and help you on the road to recovery.