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Sinus Tarsitis Orthotic


Increases the subtalar joint pronation and decreases excessive subtalar joint supination.

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Sinus Tarsitis is a Nylon full-length top cover is soft and silky smooth and helps absorb moisture. 

  • Full-length layer made of 1/8″ thick Neoprene offers optimum shock absorption during any activity. 
  • Semi-rigid plastic shell with rearfoot medial support is firm yet flexible and designed to offer a moderate level of support. 
  • EVA bottom cover provides additional cushioning and seals the plastic shell for extra durability.
  • Helps improve foot, ankle, knee and lower back problems.
  • Shifts weight and changes angulation of the lower limbs.
  • Added rearfoot and forefoot extension to increase the subtalar joint pronation and decrease the excessive subtalar joint supination.

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