Cycling and Hot Feet

“Hot feet” is a common problem affecting cyclists.

After prolonged periods of riding some riders can experience intense pain, tingling and numbness to the ball of the foot or the metatarsal region. This pain can be debilitating and just really ruin a ride.

In cycling the foot is always contacting the pedal. This sustained pressure not only in the down stroke but also upstroke of the cadence can deprive the tissues of the forefoot much needed oxygen. This oxygen depletion effects the nerves and the soft tissues of the forefoot by causing pain.

Treating “hot feet” on the ride often requires stopping the ride and taking of the cycling shoe and rubbing the foot.

Avoiding “hot feet” has a lot to do with obtaining a good shoe fit, shoe placement on the pedal but most importantly pressure reduction from an orthotic or arch support within the shoe. A metatarsal bar placed just behind the metatarsal heads where the greatest pressure is generated is the best was to reduce the pressure within the shoe. Keeping the foot pressure more evenly placed on the whole entire foot with the orthotic and metatarsal bar helps keep that all important oxygen feeding those all important tissues including the nerves to the feet during a long ride.

The Fit Specialist from SLO Motion Shoe can get you set up with an orthotic that is going to help prevent your hot foot and keeping your comfortably riding.