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  • The Anatomy of a Callus

    The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” so aptly applies while looking at this picture of the bottom of the foot.Thickened skin or callus on the bottom of the foot occurs because of high pressure and friction during walking. Although thought to be protective of the skin it can be quite painful […]

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  • What is a Metatarsal Pad?

    Metatarsal pads are used to help reduce harmful pressures through the ball of the foot during walking. Foot pressures during the walking cycle are high when the heel first makes ground contact and next when the ball of the foot contacts the ground. When the pressure in the ball of the foot exceeds a certain […]

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  • When do Shoes Wear Out?

    Unlike a comfortable pair of jeans that can be worn for years with increasing comfort, athletic shoes will wear and require frequent replacement. The notion of using an athletic shoe for years that is “broken in” is a recipe for injury disaster.  The midsole portion of the shoe is typically constructed from two types of […]

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  • The Woes of Being Barefoot

    Treating lower extremity conditions is a lot like treating a broken bone. A broken bone will heal by preventing motion at the fracture site. Immobilization with a cast is a traditional treatment tool for someone who has a broken bone. Preventing motion at the fracture site allows the bone healing cells to cross the fracture […]

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  • The Mystery Behind Orthotics

    The use of orthotics has well been documented to be an invaluable treatment tool for many lower extremity conditions. There is, however, a lack of strong evidence-based medicine that supports the use of orthotics for many lower extremity conditions. Part of the reason is that there are many variables including how the shoes influence lower [...]
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  • The Benefit of Alternating Running Shoes

    The Benefits of Alternating Running Shoes Recent researched published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science and reported in Lower Extremity Review, January 2014 found a 39% reduction in running injury rates if runners used multiple running shoes during their running week as compared to runners who predominantly used only one pair of shoes. [...]
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  • The Loafer Dilemma

    The modern loafer popularized by the Spaulding athletic company and most notably by John Bass in the early 1930’s has become a shoe mainstay for both women and men dress casual shoes. The origin of the shoes dates to Norwegian fisherman who constructed a simple stitched, easy to slip on leather shoe.  The shoe style [...]
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  • The Importance of Hip Strength

    Trunk muscles including your hips and glutes play crucial role in helping you run strongly, smoothly and injury free. Hip muscles are so critical to success of a runner that the source of all the running injuries can be drilled down to hip strength. If you neglect hip health, you put yourself at great risk [...]
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  • Over-The-Counter Orthotic Selection

    Orthotic devices, whether custom made or off of the shelf, help in combination with the shoe to modify abnormal foot motion and pressure that cause lower extremity conditions. Initial self-treatment often drives consumers to purchase a store bought orthotic. When selecting a store bought orthotic consumers usually get bombarded with too many options and choices [...]
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  • Balance Board Training for Injury Prevention

    Balance board training directly impacts overall health and is recommended for athletes and non-athletes of all ages and abilities.  Balance training requires physical and mental focus forcing your body and brain to feel comfortable in different postures and ranges of motion.  This enhanced focus and helps develop awareness of how your body moves and reacts [...]
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  • Athlete’s Foot Prevention

    Fungal infections of the skin are very common.  Tinea Pedis, or Athletes foot, is a common fungal infection of the foot that affects both children and adults.  Athletes foot also affects athletes and non-athletes.  Having a basic understanding of what Athletes foot is and how to prevent it may save you from dealing with this [...]
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  • Getting Back to Walking After Injury

    For runners and walkers alike, there’s nothing worse than trying to recover from an injury. The mind believes it can pick up where it left off before the injury, but the body says “no, not yet!” “You gotta crawl before you walk” is a popular phrase to use for a person who needs to slow [...]
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