“Arthralgia” is the Greek word for joint pain. It is a symptom rather than a true diagnosis and can be applied to pain occurring in any joint of the body. Although there are many different causes of joint pain in the foot and ankle, the abnormal biomechanical stress that occurs in the foot and ankle during walking is the main cause.

The joints of midfoot are anatomically located at the highest portion of the arch. The midfoot joints act as a “keystone” or “apex” of the arch forming an imaginary triangle. Mechanical overuse, too much pronation of the foot as well as tight calf muscles can contribute to this problem. X-rays are generally not valuable in diagnosing this problem. If x-rays were taken that show some evidence of arthritis conservative treatment won’t change.

In addition to rest, ice and the short term use of anti- inflammatory medications the use of a supportive shoe and orthotic important in treating Arthralgia. The shoe and orthotic support the peak of the arch decreasing some of the mechanical load on the midfoot joints which will help with recovery. During the period of treatment the shoe and orthotic must be used at all times.