Haglund’s Deformity, commonly known as Pump Bump, is pain related to inflammation of the soft tissues overlying the prominence on the outside portion of the back of the heel bone. This prominence is often times seen in people who have a relatively high arch. X-rays of the foot may not show the actual prominence of the bone but they will often show an increased pitch of the heel bone which causes the heel bone to become more prominent. Pressure from the heel counter of the shoe can cause irritation to this region of the heel bone.

Treatment includes calf stretching, anti-inflammatory medications, ice and even a cortisone injection if indicated. Key features in shoe selection include shoes with a heel lift as well as a soft heel counter or open back. A shoe with a heel lift decreases the pull of the Achilles tendon which attaches at the site of pain on the back of the heel bone. Using a shoe with a soft heel counter or a shoe with an open back is one of the most important tools for decreasing pain. For women, a mule or wedged shoe can be an ideal shoe selection.