Whether you are looking for a comfortable shoe or searching for a helpful shoe wear solution for your current lower extremity challenge, SLO Motion Shoes is your destination.

SLO Motion Shoes carries a focused selection of shoe manufacturers, customizable orthotics, gait analysis technology, as well as expert sales staff to help you make the right purchasing decision. Let us assess your current lower extremity challenge, evaluate your foot type and biomechanics using video gait analysis and determine the shoe and orthotic combination that is right for you.

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  • Shoe and Orthotic Sales

    Shoe and Orthotic Sales

    Foot, lower leg, knee and low back pain can sometimes be a product of what you are wearing on your feet.

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  • Video Gait Analysis

    Video Gait Analysis

    Video gait analysis can be an instrumental tool in identifying any walking abnormalities that may contribute to your lower extremity difficulty. Slow motion video analysis surpasses the naked eyes ability to identify these walking abnormalities.

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  • Specialty Shoe Fitting

    Specialty Shoe Fitting

    The staff at SLO Motion Shoes will spend the time with you assessing your lower extremity challenges and then guiding you toward a shoe and orthotic purchase.

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